Aug. 27th, 2007

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I'm a very private person, perhaps more private than I need to be. Then again, it's part of what has contributed to the changes occurring in my life over the past few months. So anyway, as most of you are aware, things have been pretty rocky. I've been quiet up to now, mostly out of courtesy to those directly involved, as well as not thinking that it was really anyone else's business. A few posts back, I made reference to trying not to be a prick about it, specifically because I didn't want to have everything degenerate into a very public & nasty 'he said, she said,' because I think that's pretty low to do, and goes against my wishes to respect the privacy of others. That being said, no one (with three exceptions) has heard my side of the story, nor (with three exceptions) has anyone asked. Also, a few have made definite rushes to judgment, and made it their business to tell their version of the breakup to any and all who will listen. People around the country, who don't even know who [profile] angel_in_purple and I are, have been subjected to semi-factual versions of the story, holes filled in by assumption. Sufficient time has passed, and in the interests of wanting to have all of this be old news, specifically for the sake of my kids before the start of KCRF, here it is, unsolicited, my side of the story... )


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