Mar. 10th, 2008

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I had a lovely weekend in Denver. Then again, I've been traveling so much these past few months, I woke on Saturday and could not remember where I was. Last weekend, I was in Tempe, visiting the gloriously sublime [ profile] glaistig, which we agree can't happen often enough. We're thinking of establishing a fund to get us together more often. It was also the first time in 24 years (think about that--almost a quarter century) that I visited a Renaissance Festival as a non-performer. It was insane. I had no idea what to do with myself for the day. It was strange being a patron.

But this weekend I was in Denver to help the lovely [ profile] sororishara celebrate her birthday, and to take part in the 8th anniversary Ad Astra festivities. I give a shout out to [ profile] solemnus, as it is always nice to see hims well. Don't know anyone else's LJ names that were there, but hello to them as well.

I had a couple of deep realizations this weekend. Sometimes I am just too damned naive. Maybe even more than just sometimes. That Blue Lady helped me to come to some realizations about myself and those in my life. It was a lesson I needed to learn, and learn well.

Then, when I return here (as usual) is when things start to degenerate. I spent an hour comforting my ride home from the airport, who had apparently been told some very cruel things the night before by someone who may have been too tipsy. Some say 'in vino est veritas.' I say wine is the window to the soul.

And next weekend, I go to Minneapolis to observe some initiations. It's been years since I was neither the initiator nor an officer, and it's been seven years since I have partaken in this one.

In other news, Le Fi est Mort. Vive le Fi!

I miss you, my old friend. Sorry I couldn't be there to hold you in the end. You were the fastest cat I've ever seen. With only three legs, you left more hunting trophies on our doorstep than any other cat I'd known.

Run now. Go find Podo in the meadow. Let her have the mice, you can have the birds and rabbits.

May you be granted the accomplishment of your will, whether it be being massaged by feet, antagonizing your old friend Podo, vanquishing interloping rodentia and fowl, or being sang to like when you were a kitten.

Goodbye, old friend...


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