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Aug. 7th, 2008 01:11 pm
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Ever since I heard about them from [profile] rodneyorpheus, I've wanted one of these.

It looks as though it will finally happen tomorrow.

I can't wait.

No, I'm not getting rid of the Dell. I'm sending it in to be serviced and refurbished, then wiping the hard drive and converting its use exclusively to media production.

The new one is the same size as the ones I got for my kids, but with larger screen, processor, and hard drive. It comes loaded with a bunch of open source software, and will be perfect to use for writing to and from work.

Again-- I can't wait.
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I realize this is last minute, but...

I'm put in the very likely position (due to some feet-dragging on the part of a local body shop) that I will need a ride to get me to the airport by 4:30 tomorrow afternoon.

Anybody available to give me a lift? I would happily provide gas money. I just need to get there by 4:30.

(I also may need a lift back Sunday evening around 9:30).

EDIT: Never mind, all is under control. nothing to see here, move along...
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No room for argument, the HIT is ON.

Don't try to escape it. You've been waiting for it. You know you WANT it, and when it's over, you'll want MORE...

Saturday, June 28th, Davey's Uptown Rambler's Club, 34th and Main.

We go on around 11.

If our sneak preview set two weeks ago at The Studio was any indication, this will be a must see show.


Mar. 18th, 2008 11:02 pm
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In an odd set of developments, it seems the Kansas City Hitmen will be appearing live sooner than I had expected. We will be doing a five song set this Friday night at the Crosstown Tavern (19th & Haskell in Lawrence) during their open jam session.

Just testing the waters.

And we had to play out eventually, I guess.

EDIT: This band is the one working up material I have on my MySpace Music page (, and features Greg (from the Killer Aunt Bees and the JRs show at the GEM last July) and JP (Wizards of Kansas, The Sinclairs, Johnny Coffin and his Undertakers, and Deus ex Machina, and also played with the JRs at the GEM). I'm really liking this project.
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I had a lovely weekend in Denver. Then again, I've been traveling so much these past few months, I woke on Saturday and could not remember where I was. Last weekend, I was in Tempe, visiting the gloriously sublime [ profile] glaistig, which we agree can't happen often enough. We're thinking of establishing a fund to get us together more often. It was also the first time in 24 years (think about that--almost a quarter century) that I visited a Renaissance Festival as a non-performer. It was insane. I had no idea what to do with myself for the day. It was strange being a patron.

But this weekend I was in Denver to help the lovely [ profile] sororishara celebrate her birthday, and to take part in the 8th anniversary Ad Astra festivities. I give a shout out to [ profile] solemnus, as it is always nice to see hims well. Don't know anyone else's LJ names that were there, but hello to them as well.

I had a couple of deep realizations this weekend. Sometimes I am just too damned naive. Maybe even more than just sometimes. That Blue Lady helped me to come to some realizations about myself and those in my life. It was a lesson I needed to learn, and learn well.

Then, when I return here (as usual) is when things start to degenerate. I spent an hour comforting my ride home from the airport, who had apparently been told some very cruel things the night before by someone who may have been too tipsy. Some say 'in vino est veritas.' I say wine is the window to the soul.

And next weekend, I go to Minneapolis to observe some initiations. It's been years since I was neither the initiator nor an officer, and it's been seven years since I have partaken in this one.

In other news, Le Fi est Mort. Vive le Fi!

I miss you, my old friend. Sorry I couldn't be there to hold you in the end. You were the fastest cat I've ever seen. With only three legs, you left more hunting trophies on our doorstep than any other cat I'd known.

Run now. Go find Podo in the meadow. Let her have the mice, you can have the birds and rabbits.

May you be granted the accomplishment of your will, whether it be being massaged by feet, antagonizing your old friend Podo, vanquishing interloping rodentia and fowl, or being sang to like when you were a kitten.

Goodbye, old friend...
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Of course it's all fun and games until I go and break a tooth. On a kalamata pit no less. No pain yet, fortunately. I see my dentist in the morning.

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I'm a very private person, perhaps more private than I need to be. Then again, it's part of what has contributed to the changes occurring in my life over the past few months. So anyway, as most of you are aware, things have been pretty rocky. I've been quiet up to now, mostly out of courtesy to those directly involved, as well as not thinking that it was really anyone else's business. A few posts back, I made reference to trying not to be a prick about it, specifically because I didn't want to have everything degenerate into a very public & nasty 'he said, she said,' because I think that's pretty low to do, and goes against my wishes to respect the privacy of others. That being said, no one (with three exceptions) has heard my side of the story, nor (with three exceptions) has anyone asked. Also, a few have made definite rushes to judgment, and made it their business to tell their version of the breakup to any and all who will listen. People around the country, who don't even know who [profile] angel_in_purple and I are, have been subjected to semi-factual versions of the story, holes filled in by assumption. Sufficient time has passed, and in the interests of wanting to have all of this be old news, specifically for the sake of my kids before the start of KCRF, here it is, unsolicited, my side of the story... )


Jul. 25th, 2007 05:07 pm
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of me from our show at the Gem on the 14th. Judging by my hand position, the song in question is HMH2.
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SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2007, 8PM

This is it, folks, the event you've all been waiting for. We have put a tremendous amount of work into the preparation for this show. We need to see the audience FULL of screaming, maniacal fans (or at least people who are willing to PRETEND to be screaming, maniacal fans for a night). Right now we've sold about a third of the tickets. I'd like to see at least twice that number in the seats at this show.

Come one, come all.

No, we will not be in costume.

Concert t-shirts are available up to size XXXL.

We do, however, guarantee a number of surprises, and things that cannot be experienced through our regular milieu of renaissance festivals.

To quote the last song from side one of the Beatles' biggest selling album ever, "a splendid time is guaranteed for all..."
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comments screened.

insanitized for your protection.

My marriage is over.

I have been asked to move out once I am employed.

This post was originally going to be much longer, but the beasts of futility pounded down and silenced any long, self-deprecating, philosophical and explanatory diatribe on the issue.

Sure, I could be a real prick about this, but I won't. It takes two to tango, and no matter what she thinks, she bears equal responsibility.

I try to come up with the words to say at this point, but there is nothing I can say. It's just over.

I thank you all for your well-wishes and concern. Please send same to our kids.

The one thing--the ONE thing we seem to agree upon is that we don't want our friends to feel they must take sides, nor will we choose to divide up our friends.
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For those of you who are in KC and have the time and inclination.

I will be backing an old friend at the Brick this Thursday Night, sometime around nine pm.

It will be an interesting time. The last time I worked with this guy was in highschool, and we were playing obscure 1960s covers. I have no idea what we'll be playing this time. Originals and some jam time, to be sure.

I'd love to see any of you that can make it.

EDIT: I find it quite humorous that all the replies so far have been from out-of-towners
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